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Here’s how we can help

AllMac Staff Support

Staff support


We address hardware and software issues. Printer not working? Can’t access your file server? Need an operating system upgrade? We are problem solvers; let us know and we’ll get to the root of the issue and resolve it quickly. Unlike many tech companies, AllMac does repairs.

License management

Managing critical software licenses and subscriptions can be a challenge. We manage both for you, ensuring that everyone has what they need and you’re not paying for unused subscriptions.

Onboarding and offboarding

We’ll make sure new staff have everything they need to begin working immediately. They can start their first day with access to Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, or another email client; the software suite your firm uses;  file and font servers; and other online tools.

AllMac Infrastructure



From overall network design to installation and set-up, we’re pros at ensuring WiFi, VPNs, remote access, shared storage solutions workstations, and peripherals are connected and integrated seamlessly.

Software updates

We’ll monitor your entire network to verify that operating system and software tools are updated for everyone, automating the process where practical. 


Time for an upgrade? Need to expand? We’ll help you acquire and install the hardware you need, making sure everything works together smoothly.

AllMac Specialty services

Specialty services

Video production

Video production presents unique technology challenges. We are adept at ensuring that your production environment is fast and capable, by managing bandwidth, devices, transfer services, and more.

Data recovery

Oops! File accidentally deleted or damaged? Hard drive failure? If it’s recoverable, we’ll get it back for you. We get results recovering data by using multiple methods, including forensic software. Our relationship with industry experts gives us the tools to ensure successful data recovery.

Office moves

We’ll work with you to plan details for the new space. At actual move time, we’ll make sure that all systems are go in the new office, so that your day-to-day workflow can resume as quickly as possible.

Google migration and administration

Many firms have switched to G Suite for email, shared calendars, real-time collaboration, and more. AllMac is experienced in migrating and administering G Suite accounts.

Integrating publishing services

Dealing with design and publishing software has been our specialty since our inception. Creating and improving workflows gives us joy. Our experience with color management, fonts, and printers gives you the edge to meet your deadlines.

AllMac Security


Day-to-day password management

We’ll help you create and set up strong passwords, and institute a customized experience for password recovery, to prevent frustration.When someone forgets a password, we’ll make it easy to recover.

Network security

AllMac will take physical and software preventative measures to protect your network from unauthorized access, misuse, modification, and destruction. We’ll set up and maintain security appliances (firewalls, monitoring, etc.).

Security best practices

Staff need to take security seriously in today’s world. We’ll encourage adoption of 2-step verification, alert you to current scams, and keep anti-virus protections up-to-date.

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance

Monitoring systems

You want to focus on getting work done and be confident that your systems are running efficiently 24/7. We proactively identify potential glitches and resolve them before they affect your system’s performance.


We’re experts in designing backup systems that meet your needs. We install them and keep them running so that you’re always protected. Includes Time Machine, Crashplan, and more.

Mac Training

The AllMac team is very approachable and ready to help with any technological issue presented at the office. We have always been able to rely on their team for challenging issues to be resolved within 24 hours or sooner. Their extensive knowledge of Macs & our server has been very helpful to our entire team.”

– Brandstyle Communications